Get Your Bearwear

WSU Bear Center Shirt – $25

Sizes S-2XL

Available Colors: Black, green, red and gray

green short sleave t-shirt with bear center logo
Adult T-shirts, Front

Current Designs

back of shirt design, younger bear
back of black shirt with bear picture
Adult T-shirts, Back (back images vary)
back of shirt design, older bear

Scientist Bear Short Sleeve T-Shirt- $25

Available in black and M-2xl

Front of bear scientist shirt
Front of T-Shirt
back of bear scientist shirt
Back of T-Shirt


Bear Scientist sticker
Vinyl Sticker

Mug- $10

White bear scientist mug
Bear mugs

Polo Shirts

polo shirts
Adult Polo t-shirts, Front (no back image)

Product and Ordering Information

Suggested Donation

  • Polo T-Shirt $30
  • T-Shirt short sleeve $25
  • Vinyl Sticker $5
  • Bear Mug$ 10

Color Options

  • T-shirts are available in crimson, black, forest green, and light grey.
  • Polo T-shirts are available in maroon, black, navy blue, and forest green.


  • Images on the back of T-shirts change periodically.
  • Polo T-shirts have the same image as on the front of the adult T-shirts (at right) embroidered on the front left chest and no image on the back.

Order Information

If interested email or

All prices are a suggested donation.


At this time WSU Bear Center merchandise can only be picked up in person with cash or check. Please email us with your order ahead of time to make sure we have the item you want and also to make sure someone is here to assist you.