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Get your bearwear!

Short and Long-Sleeved T-Shirts
1/4-Zip Fleece Pullovers
Full-Zip Fleece Vests


Sizes S-XXL

T-shirts (long sleeve)
T-shirts (short sleeve)
1/4-zip fleece
Full-zip fleece vest



Sizes S (6-8) M (10-12)

T-shirts (short sleeve) $20


T-shirts available in crimson, black, forest green, and light grey.

1/4-zip fleece pullovers and full-zip fleece vests available in red and dark grey.


Images on the back of T-shirts change periodically.

Fleece items have the same image on the front of the adult T-shirts (at right) embroidered on the front left chest, and no image on the back.

If interested, please call (509) 335-1119, email, or send check and order information to Dr. Charles T. Robbins, Bear Center, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6410.

Red T-Shirt with bear center logo on it
Adult T-shirts and fleeces, Front


Red T-Shirt with photo of a bear on it and text Washington State University
Adult T-shirts, Back
Children’s T-shirts, Front