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List of Cooperators

Cooperative Studies

We’ve been fortunate to establish close working relationships with many university, corporate, and state and federal natural resource agency scientists (see partial list below).  Because the captive bear facility, it’s bears, and supporting staff are unique and dedicated to bear research across the wide range of the biological and ecological sciences, we’ve long encouraged others to become involved in either our ongoing studies or to develop new studies that will enhance our understanding of bear biology.  While we cannot provide funding for independent studies, we will endeavor to create the conditions necessary for the successful completion of cooperative studies aimed at understanding grizzly bear and polar bear biology and ecology.

If you would like to explore opportunities to either join our efforts or develop new studies, please contact either Drs. Robbins (, nutrition and ecology), Jansen (, physiology), or Kelley (, genetics and evolution) for discussion of your ideas, our current studies, or whether we can develop a new cooperative study to address your interests.

Current or previous collaborating scientists

Nutrition and ecology

  • Dr. Chris Servheen, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Missoula
  • Dr. Chuck Schwartz, Alaska Department of Fish and Game and US Geological Survey
  • Dr. Frank van Manen, US Geological Survey, Bozeman
  • Mark Haroldson, US Geological Survey, Bozeman
  • Kerry Gunther, National Park Service, Mammoth
  • Dr. Sean Farley, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Anchorage
  • Dr. Grant Hilderbrand, US Geological Survey, Anchorage
  • Dr. Karyn Rode, US Geological Survey, Anchorage and Portland
  • Dr. Gordon Stenhouse, fRI Research, Hinton, Canada
  • Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, Polar Bears International, Bozeman
  • Dr. Claudia Lopez-Alfaro, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Dr. Marc Cattet, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Dr. Nick Lunn, Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Dr. Anthony Pagano, San Diego Zoo
  • Dr. Ryan Long, University of Idaho, Moscow


  • Dr. Craig McGowan, University of Idaho, Moscow
  • Dr. Jose Pablo Vazquez-Medina, Berkeley
  • Tim Laske, Medtronic Inc., Minneapolis-St. Paul

Genetics and evolution

  • Dr. Ed Green, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Dr. Beth Shapiro, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Dr. Lisette Waits, University of Idaho, Moscow
  • Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA
  • Delaware Biotechnology Institute, University of Delaware