During the non-hibernating period (approximately April-October), the bears are visible from a viewing area in the parking lot, where anyone can view the bears foraging or playing in the exercise yard, splashing in their pool, or lounging in their outside runs.

Presently, there are no bear viewings inside the building, formal tours of the Bear Center, or scheduled educational programs. However, dedicated and structured public education missions will be a large part of the proposed International Bear Center at WSU.

Oakley standing in den she is digging as Cooke watches.


3/29/24 The Bears are Back in Town

The bears are awake from hibernation and are able to be viewed out in their exercise yard. Different bear social groups will be rotated throughout the day. The bears will also still have access to the inside areas as well, so if you don’t see them out they could just be lounging inside. Remember cooler weather makes for the best viewing.